MARZIA G. is, without a doubt, one of the world's leading designer of wearable art and for the last three decades has brought her one-of-a-kind couture neckwear and fashions to Paris, St. Tropez, Cannes, Monte Carlo, San Remo, Rome, Moscow and Dubai.

Now, and for the first time ever, MARZIA G. will be available through exclusive retailers in the United States.  By infusing new splashes of color, texture, and uniqueness and combined with her Italian heritage of artisans inspiring her ideas, textiles and luxury materials, MARZIA G. is constantly creating visual wonders and allowing the channel to her artistic soul to remain open.

MARZIA G. shall be available in-store Winter, 2011, and is poised to rule the runways and represent the next chapter in Fashion Accessories and Wearable Art.  MARZIA G. also is available for exhibition and acquisition in Fine Art Galleries nationwide 2011-2012.

“I inherited my father’s creative genes…he earned a scholarship at the Accademia delle belle Arti di Firenze (founded in 1562),  he was an architect and interior designer, so I’ve been immersed in the world of art since I was born.  

I started designing my own line of wearable art in accessories and one of a kind jean line in 1978,  and from that moment forward, my life has been a constant challenge.  I’m a very passionate person and when I sit in my studio and pick up a gorgeous vintage centerpiece and start weaving it with my leather cords, all my energy and part of my soul pours into it and step by step, I see a gorgeous piece of art emerging".


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